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Filament Health Announces First Ever Nagoya Protocol-Compliant Shipment Of Iboga From Gabon

May 17, 2023

The botanical raw material was shipped to Filament’s Vancouver facility for analysis and development into ibogaine extract

Vancouver, British Columbia, May 17, 2023   Filament Health Corp. (OTCQB:FLHLF) (NEO:FH) (FSE:7QS) (“Filament” or the “Company”), a clinical-stage natural psychedelic drug development company, today announced the completion of the first-ever Nagoya Protocol-compliant import of Tabernanthe iboga root from Gabon to Filament’s Metro Vancouver research and development facility.

The import was authorized by the Gabonese government under the Nagoya Protocol, an international agreement which ensures sharing of the benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources in a fair and equitable way, and the Gabonese Convention on Biological Diversity. The iboga root will undergo analysis at Filament’s facility, and be transformed into total alkaloid iboga extract, in partnership with Terragnosis, a company dedicated to producing ethically sourced and high quality ibogaine and iboga extracts.

“This is a significant accomplishment which will facilitate important healing work, while also supporting communities in Gabon,” said Jonathan Dickinson, Founder of Terragnosis. “We have partnered closely with Filament Health, as well as with Blessings of the Forest Gabon and the A2E community that had such foresight to begin planting iboga almost 20 years ago. We are dedicated to this pathway of ensuring access and benefits for traditional knowledge holders in Gabon going forward.”

Iboga is a shrub which is native to Central Africa and contains ibogaine, a psychoactive compound. Traditionally used for ritual and ceremonial practices, iboga and ibogaine are believed to show promise for treating mental health conditions like substance use disorder. The first batch of extract will be delivered to Terragnosis’ partner, Ambio Life Sciences, which operates several retreat facilities in Mexico.

“Filament Health has the preeminent botanical extraction expertise and regulatory proficiency in the psychedelic industry,” said Benjamin Lightburn, CEO and Co-Founder of Filament Health. “We’re proud to combine these skills to accomplish the first ever Nagoya Protocol-compliant shipment of iboga from Gabon, and explore this promising yet under-researched drug.”


Filament Health is a clinical-stage natural psychedelic drug development company. We believe that safe, standardized, naturally-derived psychedelic medicines can improve the lives of many, and our mission is to see them in the hands of everyone who needs them as soon as possible. Filament’s platform of proprietary intellectual property enables the discovery, development, and delivery of natural psychedelic medicines. We are paving the way with the first-ever natural psychedelic drug candidates.

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Anna Cordon, Director of Communications



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