Drug access

Filament manufactures standardized, GMP drug candidates.

We have in-house regulatory and logistics expertise across a range of jurisdictions. All of our drug candidates are proudly manufactured in Canada.

Cutting psilocybin mushrooms in the Filament Health lab
scientist using apparatus in the Filament Health laboratory
Investigational Drug Access

We are committed to furthering psychedelic research and have licensing partnerships with leading researchers, institutions, and organizations around the globe.

Our manufacturing facility has the capacity to supply every psilocybin clinical trial in the world.

Hand holding a Psilocybin Mushroom

We provide low- or no-cost study drugs for qualified academic and philanthropic research. Filament also supplies a growing network of commercial licensing partnerships for research into specific indications.

Clinical Trials

Filament Health’s drug candidates are currently being studied in multiple clinical trials.

Filament is undertaking a clinical development program in order to apply for marketing authorization in various jurisdictions. The safety and efficacy of our drug candidates has not been formally established.

Our drug candidates are not available to the general public.
For more information about all clinical trials in your area visit:

Special Access Program

Through Health Canada’s Special Access Program (SAP), healthcare professionals may request access to non-marketed drugs to treat patients with serious or life-threatening conditions. Access to these drugs is only considered when conventional therapies have failed, are unsuitable, or are unavailable.

Visit the Health Canada website for information on requesting special access to an unapproved drug.

SAP authorization allows a manufacturer to supply a drug that has not been approved for sale in Canada.

Request Information About The SAP
Test tubes stacked in a rack
australian aUthorized prescribers

On February 3, 2023, the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration changed the classification of psilocybin to enable prescription by authorized psychiatrists for Treatment Resistant Depression. This amendment allows authorized psychiatrists to access and legally supply psilocybin to patients under their care.

Filament’s psilocybin drug candidate, PEX010, is available to Australian prescribers under this Authorized Prescriber Scheme

PEX010 is standardized to 25mg, and has been dosed in multiple clinical trials in Canada, the US, the UK, and Europe. It has also been prescribed under Health Canada's Special Access Program (SAP) for treatment-resistant depression and end of life distress. Similar to the Authorized Prescriber pathway, the SAP allows healthcare professionals to request access to non-marketed drugs for patients with serious or life-threatening conditions. 

Filament has in-house regulatory and logistics expertise to support export to Australia.

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