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Cocaine Plays? Meet the Companies With an Angle on Hard Drugs


October 2, 2023

Filament was featured in a Bloomberg article about companies that are legally exploring cocaine:

Filament Health, a Vancouver-based company doing research on psychedelic drug candidates, last week announced a $2 million private placement from Negev Capital. According to the company’s regulatory filing, cocaine is among the substances for which it has a dealer’s license. “At Filament, we believe that a pharmaceutical drug made from coca leaf may have potential for the treatment of several mental-health indications including ADHD,” the company’s co-founder Ben Lightburn said in an emailed response to a question about whether it considered its dealer’s license for cocaine a significant asset. Filament’s license speaks to its high safety standards, he added, and the company recently imported coca leaf from Peru in partnership with the Peruvian government. He said Filament is beginning research on the potential for ADHD treatment.